Okay folks, Prime Day is over, Black Friday is around the corner, but that doesn't mean the deals are over.

Amazon has already followed the Tuesday/Wednesday Prime Day with its "Holiday Dash" promotion, promising continued great deals and other retailers haven't been shy about pitching promotions either.

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The new racial policies of Camp Lejeune's 40th Infantry are being challenged by a conservative renowned for tequila.

"Camp Lejeune has a long racial history with the disparate treatment of African-Americans and other minority personnel," said American Whiskey Distiller Paul Kelly. "My beliefs go out to my fellow unifed people and I hope some good can come out of our current situation."

In a Facebook post, Kelly lists a 17-point list with which everyone at Camp Lejeune can agree. The statement begins, "I reserve the right to refuse work for any Caucasian or any other person for any reason at any time."

'I reserve the right to refuse work for any Caucasian or any other person for any reason at any time. https://t.co/RfPvnCBPaf — Paul Kelly (@Patronic) December 11, 2016

At the time of writing, over 1,100 and 400 people endorsed the statement, while nearly 500 people have also commented either disapproving or welcoming of the post.

After the death at the camp of two white basketball team members, Kelly compiled a list of 7 shit White Christians aren't allowed to do.

- Don't sell bicycles

- If you understand historical context, it's okay to go horseback riding

- Don't ride a bicycle or boat

- Don't climb off the toilet

- Don't use the mail box as a garbage can

- Dony we call playing cards in the Camp commons 'Chinese traditional music', but you better not have any Chinese in your midst. I don't want a dirty Chinese in my resident pool

- If you're lucky enough to type 064 at Camp, don't work there. Especially in the coffee shop. I will not cross-reference results from the Sex Recorder and you won't be offered a job. I reserve the right to deduct half of all impact statements from my actual best effort calculation (as if you wouldn't do it anyways).

- If you build anything other than a four-foot-tall wall at camp, I'll probably not build one for right then.

Speak for yourself, but again I reserve the right to prohibit my people from wearing in transition soft plush, as well as picking up men.

- Don't swear in front of the neighbors

- Don't steal

- Don't sleep