Blizzard has announced it will end the development and release of paid-for content for StarCraft II but will continue to support the decade-old game and its esports scene with balance updates.

Blizzard has announced it will no longer be developing paid-for content for StarCraft II, nearly a decade after the game first released. The changes will include the removal of the so called "Replay Editor", a service that allowed players to track and export data on their multiplayer games.

"Over the last years, we saw players spending money on in-game purchases," said Blizzard COO Mike Morhaime in a statement on the game's website. "While value was never our goal, we have learned a lot through the mistakes of the past like Players want better technology and options. We're begun the process to eliminate these barriers to compete with the leading market leaders in the free-to-play space."

The announcement came hours into the annual Blizzcon event, a gathering of Blizzard employees and fans. Morhaime said that something related to the StarCraft II franchise's esports scene would be announced this weekend, in questions and answers alongside character profiles for the StarCraft Rogue character.

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Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime guides the Storefront public demonstration of StarCraft II.

However, the company will continue to provide support for Blizzard MicroLeague, Starcraft II's public-facing league and esports governing body, such as supplying raw files and analyses directly to team managers as they develop their teams for online tournaments.

"Some of my favorite moments … have been the moments we've broken new ground in the esports world by our relationship with Blizzard," concluded Morhaime. "There's no doubt that we will continue to support Techlabs, the Blizzard League and our favorites around the WCS-league as their alliances evolve."

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