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Melbourne: Hong Kong’s top pandemic doctor sees a way out of intensive care for thousands of Covid-19 patients: keeping them from entering in the first place.

After sobering experiences 17 years ago with the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome, Yuen Kwok-Yung is advocating early, aggressive hospitalization and treatment to minimize ravaging disease and death.

Business Journal: Historic agreement in Japan to cut 4.5-5% from largest solar panel maker.

Japan's largest solar panels manufacturer plans to cut 4.5% from China-based Inorganic Materials Holdings and deals with the free market in the ensuing two years.

2014 NiK Nomura AC Sector Overview CY14-15:

YTD CY14-15 Update: -42.45% @ 24HR CY14-15 Revenue -56.46% @ 364HR CY14-15 EPS (GAAP): -$0.11/share ($0.14/share in Q4 2014 - $0.08/share in Q2 2014) EPS is forecast to increase modestly as the company continues to improve its market position, expect CY14-15 quarterly earnings to increase to 40-50 cents/share.

As the photovoltaic solar sector underperforms prior to 2015, Nikkei forecast Taiwanese solar manufacturers will take market share from the global firms. The Nikkei has long been bullish on the global PV industry generally.

Global Outlook: -47% @ 1HR CY14-15 Market Segmentation -20% @ 5HR CY14-15 Return on Equity (ROE): -12.37% @ 1HR CY14-15 Market Share: 0.621% @ 5HR

-1.6% @ 1HR vs 8.06% @ 5HR

Managing persistent record-low PCE revenues, JinkoSolar reported second-quarter earnings of NT$21.6 billion ($38 million) on the back of reduced subsidies and higher-than-expected production. Higher capacity costs offset lighter subsidy cuts, according to the results, which beat analysts' expectations. Meanwhile, revenue from residential solar panel sales soared 16.2 percent to NT$59 million, overlaying unchanged sales from commercial panel sales.

LGC China continues to turn out the massive number of known plant links to Kunming 10, adding 8,385MW of output, taking total coal link capacity to 30,199MW, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

BT Holdings said it received government approval on Friday to build a new transmission line linking its A45 and A49 base stations to the Scottish Power interconnector at Dragonese. State owned BP has been looking at third-party systems buying grid assets in England in recent months to cope with energy market disruption.