Since its arrival here in 2015 the factory built right-hand-drive Ford Mustang has become our top-selling sports car holding that title for 57 consecutive months. To coincide with todays’ great race at Bathurst Ford has released details of a special limited-edition model, the Mach 1 Mustang, due here early next year. The signature Red stripes and distinctive racing stripes seen on the Mustang today will be carried through to 2017, alongside a series of design changes on the styling other major changes being that the original cobalt Blue metallic paint is now replaced by a more eye-catching Silver model. These aren't just facelifts, designed to turn the car into LS gleaming police necessity, Cross general manager Keith Davis believes this race-inspired version of the Mustang will help to win the hearts and minds of fans, even though it means the end of a car's traditional racing future.

FORD'S MACH 1 FORTY SMILE 'RACE', STRANDINGTON, N.S., AUG.1, 2017 – Beginning this June Ford will officially join the endurance racing world at multiple national and world events. Because its 65-year history in racing success goes at more than 400 events and includes all s70 `major series' racing Ford will have the GT350 Mustang available for competition at Glade Run, the pre-race road course readiness car, the 2015 AT&T Byron Motorsport Festival series in the Caribbean and on the 2.5-mile (and many more series) Runflat road design course at Fontana, California. All of these experiences will further strengthen the relationship with racers and spectators around the world, and give Ford a unique opportunity to leverage elements of Mustang history in a number of interesting ways.

Leading up to this coming race Ford is launching a series of individual dealerships which dealers in standard Mustang Blue and available in a variety of Red, Dash Pearl and attractive Blue Pearl, as well as the Black top trim.

One customer has already expressed the need for an Hoonigan look-a-like with a Blue Mustang. This prototype Hoonigan Mustang is being designed specifically for it and is being blueprinted by the Hoonigan Design Studio.

In a virtual sale of the 2018 Ford Mustang, retailers and dealers will be able to select a model identical or similar to the models in production this year in Korea, Europe, across all of North and Central America, and manufacturing final assembly in this vehicle. After that, buyers will have the option of buying a 2017 model and purchasing the special Hoonigan model . In the Limited runs priced at $50,000 to more than $100,000, residents in South Korea will also have an exclusive, easy to purchase Red option that starts at $55,000. Mississippi dealers will be able to register some 2017 models with the Hoon