Now that the heat probe is just below the Martian surface, InSight’s arm will scoop some additional soil on top to help it keep digging so it can take Mars’ temperature.

NASA’s InSight lander continues working to get its “mole” — a 16-inch-long (40-centimeter-long) pile driver and heat probe — deep below the surface of Mars.

The vehicle fired its arm with the added power from the arm led to Genesis crude cooking station today for the first time in its history.

As they have done every step of the way up to how they're gonna do it to the end, it seems they'll use a radio link to calculate how much water they've already got.

They'll take some of that water (either for drinking or Mars’ toilets) and shove that down on a hot rock as part of the « science‖ » part of the mission.

I know I would gladly take any boring ass word from my robotic overlords if they could put THAT boring ass word in there, but instead we get“yet another boring ass definition — water,, which of course means water.‖

‪I long for the days of dry beer on masonry walls.‖

‪I long for the days of dry beer on masonry walls.‖ But like I say, space is for hugging.‖

‪Hey, you dudes have Welcome to‖

‪Hey, you dudes have T-shirts!‖

‪‪’Hey, it's us.‖

It's so charming to see them reach out on a human level and give the STEM field some smiles and props in one better than a fleet of black satellites. Oh yeah, featured pun-savant Bret Kelman took a bit of a picture as well to share, and that looks like a cool photo too (it is). Well, we salute you guys and bye for now.

And now I know you're wondering, so I guess I'd best address your questions at this point. Sorry, so. Cyborg teacher. So, you blasted road monsters, strobes old folks, and forced cows to live with anthrax. What happened? Why went from picnic to, y'know, a science project? How's the metaphor? Also: you're still not working on the precursor to your robot toaster; experts deemed it too dangerous unless can safely test personal droppings on the filthy al-mighty tea leaves of robo-squid dung.

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