It’s easy to find information on anything with a search engine at our fingertips, but some things are easier to look for than others. News topics, trivia and scientific data will usually populate the first page of your search results, but what if you want to look for a song? We decided to test Google Trends to see if it can help you find the right song to play in your own venue.

We scored a concert ticket—basically a free ticket to hear whatever crappy album starts playing when you arrive for the concert—and a $400 cell phone on eBay for this test. We brought along the search term "Drake" with both the search terms "rap" and "drake" in the BROWSER REPRESENTATION box. (Google Trends to the rescue!) In less than five minutes, we looked for half an hour, and for a more realistic time frame, a couple hours.

Out of a boatload of songs, we found songs that fit roughly into four categories: Hip-hop, R&B, EDM, and Classical. Ironically enough, harmonic harmony and chord progressions many people associate with the "rapping" styles rap and hip-hop often have names beginning with the letters E and A. We're envisioning Drake asking Drake next time he sees an EDM board what kind of sounds they make, assuming he's not in Vienna playing with a bunch of earwigs.

Here's what we found:


Microsoft Word aspen_attack_doe.doc

J. Cole: Born Sinner (2014) ElephantAsia Purchased 4/26/16 134 Purchased 4/19/16 122 Unable to open 7/17/2016 177 SCOPE: Hip Hop

Air Jordan: Sorry [2015] King Records Purchased 4/26/16 117 Purchased 4/17/16 117 3/29/16 217

J. Cole: Born Sinner (2014) ElephantAsia Purchased 3/28/16 84 Purchased 3/11/16 90 3/24/16 221 None SCOPE: Rap R&B

R. Kelly: I Know I Know [2016] XL Recordings Purchased 4/25/16 (Except May 7) Purchased 4/20/16 (Except May 10) Purchased 4/17/16 (Except May 7) DISCONTINUED 90 Recorded 3/26/16 113 Recorded 3/11/16 111 Trumpet SCOPE: Rap Contemporary Rap

Snoop Dogg: Doggystyle [2015] A&M Records Purchased 4/26/16 124 Purchased 4/17/16 126 4/20/16