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Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday the majority of Americans do support reigning in Wall Street, and he credited President Obama and John Boehner John Andrew BoehnerUnder attack: Because we don't vote Republican Democrats should be careful what they wish for Blue wave poses governing risks for Dems MORE, R-Ohio, for taking this unpopular action during the 2011 government shutdown and debt-ceiling — but argued that more should have been done.

In an interview Wednesday on CBS's "Wall Street Journal" program, Sanders encouraged Obama to treble down on undoing Wall Street reforms after the financial crisis and before the 2014 midterm elections, and he criticized the GOP for working to keep those reforms out of a broader budget deal.

"I think it's time in America for a real 'Warren Buffet moment', when the wealth of the middle class and the bottom 40 percent begins to flow forward again," said Sanders.

"I think the burden is on Wall Street reformers to convince the president and the rest of us to follow through on the things that are most critical to these and the American people."

Sanders, who lost the 2012 Democratic presidential primary to Obama but gained attention for his progressive views and calls for taxes on Wall Street, sought to make a contrast between the past six years and now when he has been raising the issue in recent years.

"Historically, typically, it takes a crisis and a president steps forward and says this is something the country needs to do," he said.

Sanders is pressing the administration — and President Obama himself — to move ahead with a financial-reform package that would give families, the middle class and the federal government authority to challenge the massive power of the largest banks, increasing their funding and designating them as "too big to fail" institutions.

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