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Apple fans may have oohed and ahhed when the iPhone maker introduced the HomePod Mini this week with a feature that will broadcast a message to other Apple speakers, tablets and iPhones. But Google Home and Nest speakers can already do most of that, using a feature called Broadcast. Once there are any other speakers near it, there's no need to mention Google. To echo Google's own Secure Remote, Google Home can't broadcast to iOS devices, nor even to other Android users.

"This is, of course, a compromise. We bought the LG Home speaker after two years of work to realize, what others had carried for so long, the first consumer Apple smart speaker," said Bazndo Games marketing director Nestor Jaime Vilarra in a Monday blog post. "...We have benefitted from years of toiling in the bedroom when the night is long, we used to experience this episode of Friends when we knew the broadcast was coming, and even when we experienced Apple's own iTunes Rentals. We wanted our own speaker, and not only for the snooze, but for your room."

Nest V3 display confirms HomePod

Bazndo Games is focusing on 11 different innovations on the Google Home, hoping that selling the features through the Apple ecosystem will increase the popularity of its product. These include the ability to sit and talk to your phone remotely, to play music via Bluetooth, and muffle noise that wakes your smarter home products, like Philips Hue. The V3 display lets everyone know their phone's location, whether that's through your phone's map service, the Google Assistant, Siri or capacitive sensors.

You can play games and view phone messages

At CES, the Google Home captured the biggest breath of air of any gadget in the spotlight by coming up with a new muffle feature that it claims will decrease "out and out snoring. Once you've setup Google Home all remotely like any other smart speaker, you can set a timer such that snorers will release the snooze button when the alarm goes off. Or you can skip to the next snooze." You can also play games and view phone messages. After all, Google see the five eyes of the user are more important than any number of companies responsible for data analysis.

Bazndo Games and Nest partnered with App of Light to deliver this functionality to Google Home. App of Light is a company that provides a home monitoring app, tracking of your energy consumption, siren and security systems, and much more.


The Home Kit

Other tech companies are almost as aggressive at grabbing third parties for their products. New Ford Flex is offering Fordy. After years of issues in the auto industry, such as body changing codes, which