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With dozens of mainstream and niche streaming services as well as premium apps on the market, it's easy to drop a lot of cash each month on subscriptions.

The average person spends $20. 65 per month on music streaming, but if you want to get into the more obscure Tidal or Deezer, your Spotify bill goes way lower.

"In the same way the weights labeled pink and blue on a scale can move up and down, but we don't overspend or underspend on a scale, these services have close to zero advantage over Apple, Spotify and TuneIn in terms of actual purchasing power," says Sujatha Rao, an early Netflix consultant.

But you might be more interested in just watching TV shows than playing tunes over the radio.

Apple TV is the easiest audio streaming device to use, but is not technically a streaming service at all.

"It's not a streaming service," Apple's Ko says. "It's a set-top box."

The ideal desktop experience may only include Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube when it launched last fall.

"Companies in the U.S. have limited liability for their mobile activities," says attorney Dan Siegel. "Anything on any platform is considered a delivery device."

Apple doesn't say it expects Apple TV to be a big hit with users. However, it already has boosted its streaming craze, offering new iMovie and Apple Music services for $7.99, while its Beats deal fetched Beats Electronics an estimated $3.2 billion for up to 60 million devices.

The OTT wave already encroaches on the traditional streaming market. This year, Netflix said it will pick up features from other services and learn from its mistakes. Netflix now controls the rights to stream a common format for DVDs and Blu-rays — allowing it to allow have it co-sign the film rights to streaming websites like Netflix.

"If Disney can subsidize a movie, Netflix doesn't need to pay for the content of that movie," Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said last month after the $48 billion deal.

The alternative streaming mentality of selling access to being "all you need" and a superior library of content helped to get Spotify through its infancy, but it didn't have the same traction as Apple TV or Amazon Prime.

What Apple TV says about our relationship with content.

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"You can add HBO Go basically for free, but if you're already paying Apple a nice subscription license to get songs you love, you've crossed over," is the unexpected answer What To Watch Timing with Seth MacFarlane