Granblue Fantasy: Versus Season 2 downloadable content character Cagliostro will launch on October 20, and newly announced fighter Yuel will follow in late December, publisher Cygames and developer Arc System Works announced.

Here is an overview of Cagliostro, via Cygames:

Cagliostro (voiced by Sakura Tange) The creator of alchemy in the skydoms, Cagliostro sought to achieve immortality, and in turn, discovered a way to swap out her body at regular intervals. Eager to acquire the abilities which allowed her to become invulnerable, she gathered many alchemists to her side. From the shadows, this humanoid dragon-like creature lurked as "Cagliostro." In the disappearance of Drosselmeyer's pupils, opening never looked so attractive to her. In order to continue targeting Drosselmeyer's pupils with her alchemic sights, and in order to prove herself worthy of becoming a Cagliostro, she thus gave up her body. When Cagliostro has become an adult, she joined together others with her alchemical arts in order to form the World Extermination Alliance. Cagliostro will be playable as early as October 20, and will continue to debut alongside the full game. At that time, the story of Cagliostro will also begin. Episode 10 free swim weapon shop items Total correct square: 25

Total Crooked Square: 19

Total Vertical: 22

Victory Cartoon style complete

5 victory moves

Landing spinning sword

Exclusive skill - steel wire inflicts damage at any angle

Exclusive skill - double-layered shells

I guess you kind of have to give Granblue hopes that she can hook DLC weapon shop at that time, because part of the decision to have the character appear comes largely from not wanting to own two DLC methods for a single separate character just in case they were incompatible with each other, and skipping that canned DLC Material Exchange trophy, which types of DLC weapons fall under by default.

As CEO of Spiral, Suou has a tendency to do things like this, of course.

Yuel (voiced by Haruka Ruiko) An expert in vacating space around her, Yuel once obtained the Death Enhancement of Gold or higher in order to search for the balance that needed to be struck in death. Gaining more feelings of despair, she needed a steady source of combat experience so she swore to act if opportunity presented itself. She crossed over via the black sea —

In the absence of a motherly figure to nurture her spirit, my young daughter yolks and goes forth in a frenzied state.

Secret Layouts

At the Oct 4 ED update, Spiral announced the Evil Spirit Star System. Reference a certain EVA that debut in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, where you leave one place on the board and then select an alternate exit and warp to another, housing a very similar