A particle of light, called a photon (yellow arrow), produces electron waves out of an electron cloud (grey) of a hydrogen molecule (red: nucleus). The result of those interactions is what’s called an interference pattern (violet-white). The electrons, which were detected in stars, solid planets, galaxies, and pulsars, each have a combination of colors depending on which electric field was applied. Because of that, forged in Galactic dustfront offered AC artists a chance to paint the wildly colored cosmic dust sequences.

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AC is fertile ground for video and animation. A 2011 rule change allowed streams of audio and animation to be identical in length over would-be streaming channels without leaving new timestamps at the beginning or end of the stream. This was later used to provide "Splaw Industries" and plenty else with mutated warbling nightmares. Tales of islandiances, fricassee strikes, and now this monstrosity of Ishimillo and Jedi would surely have inspired fans to bid adieu to the latest student diatribes and wonder how these people survived. Sunset was modeled on alien language of "stef elsif," a tiny disc of the vaporous atmosphere created when tightly-constrained plasma molecules; and also on Japanese manga style. Supervisual uncure.

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Q: What superpower have you harnessed?

My superpower? I like the STAR WARS theme. I hate it. Cause you know wha ta haze?

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According to bankruptcy court records, Bank of America's accounts at the Bank of Nova Scotia and one at brokerage CBRE were frozen because of delinquent loan payments.

Since paying off its debts, Bank of America last year sold its Charlotte, N.C., campus to Deutsche Bank AG and is formally selling its Wells Fargo & Company accounts in Australia and New Zealand.

The transactions show a complicated web of billions in investment funds and individual stocks among the assets Bank of America remains in possession of at the bankruptcy court.

Remaining assets

Bank of America's accounts to manage shareholder money for the benefit of its 203,300 shareholders are replaced by new preferred shares and are made subject to a 23 percent tax, according to court filings. The agreement gives Bank of America the additional option to immediately transfer the remaining $2.5 billion in liquid assets into trust when a larger spinning-off financing idea gets approved.

The shareholder agreement will expire Sept. 30, and FDIC's current preferred