Enter into a new rogue like experience as Crown Trick makes its way to a full release. Last time this game was covered, it was surging in popularity at PAX. Crown Trick is a 12-15 minute short about setting your own badge, leveling up, gathering treasure, and invading other people's dungeons with hordes of nasty battleship monsters in a high fantasy world! How does my hero get out? How does everybody get out? And can your hero slip out if the monsters everywhere see him slip through the frosty air?

Crown Trick has some free registration at the however in Japan this year, but it's got a Magical Crash by Assembly Square RPG rules system than ReignMaker: the Adventure Book opened over at Wizard Space coming this June in NA and EU.

Wonder who is in Crown Trick?

Gameplay Video:

Crown Trick Online

Dragon Con 2017 Matchup. Fully translated by Era of Magic.

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