It was just a month ago that I previewed Remothered: Broken Porcelain. A limited hands-on session with the game had left me hopeful that it would feel like the proper kickoff to spooky season. Well, after seeing the game more closely, it seems like this may be wishful thinking, with Broken Porcelain only offering a good VR re-imagining of a videogame that died in the early 90s.

Boy is it pathetic.

Let's rewind first. Remothered debuted on PC in November 2017. Even though a PC game designed for day head-mounted displays had just released, nothing much happened for various reasons. Vrideo's main go-to for gaming news didn't really include it long term. Simply plugin code and its extensive social presence completely eluded the gaze of dedicated fans.

No matter. In December the game enters Steam Greenlight, launching to torrents and twitch tv at the same time. Coincidentally, this proved to be the start of Freebird VR, an augmented reality game that allowed players to ask a bird specific questions and engage with them in 3D.

Here is the landing page:

You'll notice that there are two different featured titles. Misfit King and Brütal Legend, two games I am certain old testament fanboys would enjoy or have at the back of the cabinet if they had the money. The game itself, however, is a complicated, untouchable amalgam of familiar and new tech. Here's a breakdown of what's new from the ground up:

You don't really get a glimpse of the story yet. You'll have to play the demo in order to understand, though. Inside the tape, an aspect bit by bit is revealed…. a spine wriggling crossword puzzle? An art gallery? A comic. No, no. Nobody would choose this adventure and its secrets over the daily etchings that are available just down the hall. For now, from my preview time, the game makes clear that you should play a little to get a sense of where this has come from.

Attempting to play the game in VR is not cheap. Once you begin, you're gonna need to buy a pre-order for a keyboard/mouse combo or two. Luckily they are only about $20 dollars.

Then you get in there and … it's … that. Where to start? Everything looks the same. It looks like a rubber duck. Surprisingly, it isn't super unique. Everywhere else in VR we've seen this before. The main difference is Broken Porcelain falls short in variety. Forget about VOIP. You can't walk around or speak to