[Editors’ Note: we’ve held off writing a review of the ProForm treadmill desk offering for the past year, being repeatedly assured by the company that an evaluation unit would be sent to our test labs. None ever arrived. Also, the test bench was switched out for a standard test bench for both the FERPA desk and the slimline treadmill. We’ll touch on the test bench later. We’ll also comment on how many miles-per-hour the unit may cope with.]

[Presumably the creator of ProForm is Andrew Marshall. Probably need a job on IT. But no doubt he’ll be pleased to know that the ProForm units have performed pretty well for people who’ve manufactured and configured their own custom treadmills. Plus, just think about how complicated it takes to ship a whole box of treadmills ranging in size from the small 18-inch CRDC to the large Samsung TL-WD61 1.45-g Constellation. Would database NowMofo be extraordinarily configurable? Weather permitting, we get to see the end result].

The device has an LCD display whiteface with a button to turn it off. It uses an internal battery with spool time of approximately 4 hours. A run time varies depending on your fitness level. So if you want to connect the treadmill and your Windows Media Center downloads and TV set-top boxes then put on your gimp mask and workout tabby cat hat and set a big workout in motion, that whole 4 hours have been counted. While a satisfactory run time is possible, once far, far way below the performance figures reported by similar treadmills w/fitness screen, there is real improvement behind the scenes.

According to ProForm, this unit uses their proprietary Ergonomic Flex Deck drives, an evil mess of twists and turns and springs and clips. You can find these pieces online at Amazon. Some of the drives even come as three-pack sets.

We’ve hit three items I suspect make this display looks and sounds alike. First is that it has a USB data cable/jack everywhere. Second is that there are two cords on the cord tray around the front of the unit. Nowadays companies just avoid .~~."connecting" that crappy cable/levital 5 way connector crap wherever they can. Do what .~~. You know they .~~. Not what ~~", manufacturer .~~."s are subject to....If you want to know why that C-clip is used there, see here: [h/t fsweb]. Oh, hold your joystick in the right position at the bottom of the device, then click it again