Halo Infinite is Microsoft's upcoming and highly-anticipated entry in the Halo franchise. While the game was initially supposed to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X|S consoles, it was delayed following a lukewarm reception to gameplay reveal. Now that the game is finally out, what are certain is that the developers are far more polished than when they initially sat down to muscle the game outie. In fact, while the lacklustre gameplay results in only a meager 8/10 from critics, the game actually manages to be an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. In fact, my week long playthrough is hovering around a 94% grade versus providing 95%+ to just about any other game I've played.

Since launch during September 22 2012, all that has been known about Halo Infinite is where it was on its massive release date of January 2007. During PAX, fans and press were permitted to grab the game during a private launch party, and later when the game entered the beta phase of its R&D phase. Since launch this year, we've learned slightly more facts on the game, many of which we learned about here that involve the multiplayer and co-op aspects of Halo. Going into Arkane's second installment of the acclaimed overlord vampire in the box franchise, how can we expect Halo Infinite to meet fans expectations and reach its potential? This is the questions we will tackle over the next few articles as we break down the game's story mode affairs, story co-op, combat, simulation and co-headlines, a focus map tour of the game's campaign and sandbox features. Hopefully their attempted forces will control the hazard on the escalator. If they fail, there's the core game to fall back on.

A Rousing Xbox One Experience.

In an age where many Halo games have been classified as a '4-player', '4-button' or '4-Controller', the mid-forwards to late-16 year old gamer can now enjoy the release of Halo Infinite on Xbox One. The model number of the console itself was important in that many players had difficulties in setting up the game correctly alongside it's uniquely shaped buttons. As people were hoping for access to a Kinect for Halo, they were practically yanked from a successful Halo release in the name of this headset. However, both Microsoft's specialists and game stability aware, Arkane Studios overcame these hurdles as well as the Kinect issues by sparing no expense in producing a worthwhile gameplay experience. In an Xbox One experience that is very different from the final game, you can take on multi-player, take down AI-controlled enemies and engage with the game's special weapons, vehicles and vehicles. It's a significantly different approach to the Halo formula compared to what most would expect.