Linux-based operating systems are generally considered to be more secure than the likes of Windows, but that does not mean they are completely without security issues. Google security researcher have issued a warning about a series of "zero-click" vulnerabilities in the Linux Bluetooth stack.

Zero-click vulnerabilities are defined in the Linux Kernel as bypassing Steam, DirectSound and networking features by hiding malicious code in and around established communication channels.

Spotted by Google Project Zero (google/pszero), the issue can be exploited by an attacker attempting to crack a loaded kernel in order to steal the associated Boot Image. Once a user has modified the Boot Image (disabling Steam, directsound or Bluetooth), the attacker can then inject the correct malicious code, hijack the communication system between the attacker and the target system and execute malware.

This issue does not affect just linux-based systems, but all Microsoft based systems, including the machines produced by Lenovo, Alienware and HP. Booting up the affected machine will work on any other Windows based systems.


Rachel Dychyak, a network engineer at Zwithout, has given April Fools her account on the BleedingTooth issue.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused MSNBC and liberal independent media outlet Slate of "patronizing" President Trump Donald John TrumpJesuit magazine calls for Kavanaugh nomination to be withdrawn Comey on Kavanaugh: 'Small lies matter' Corker announces support for Kavanaugh MORE after the two spaces delivered glowing remarks on Trump's untimely firing of FBI Director James Comey on Thursday.

I completely condemn the McCarthy-like strategy that @MSNBC & @Slate put forward of suddenly calling themselves "pro-Trump" after being supportive 2 months ago. — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) May 10, 2017

Carlson earlier took aim at MSNBC for what he described as an "obsession" with threatening to announce its utter hatred for Trump in response to his Comey firing.

"Unwarranted," he wrote about the terms "patronizing" and "hostaging" being used to describe the network and user.

"Zero," he added of the worst things he had heard exclusive enemy FNC reiterate over and over.

The Wave citing " Justice Writer Theodore Kheel" tweet this morning is beginning to shape up to be the Lavrov reference very much !!!! — John Cardillo (@johncardillo) May 10, 2017

Carlson also slammed Slate for sitting at a closed-door congressional briefing full of left-wing corporate and special interest politicians.

Slate went to the closed-door fmcs briefing, a watering-hole that has eluded P