Back in August, some of your favorite Marvel heroes arrived in Fortnite for the Nexus War. Now, they’re getting some reinforcements.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe don't have to wait much longer as the Big Bad, Kingpin, arrives for attendees to test their strategical skills at Nerd HQ. The villain comes with a very specific play style that we've got to say has us shaking in our beach hats. Thus, we’ve decided to escalate our game to include a Mind Malice name. As a result, you will need lots of teamwork and communication!

Mind Lice General Information.

Mind Lice General Information. Team Info.

Team Info. Objective.

Objective. Store Items.

Store Items. As You Reached Level Up.

As You Reached Level Up. Daily Bonuses.

Daily Bonuses. Reward Tour.

Rewards Tour. Captain's Tour.

Captain's Tour. Additional Information.

Additional Information. How to Start.

Madison Olds, the original Mind Lice compere, has many highlights with the Dirty Girls. I hope you become a fan of hers. Watch her recieve a shout out from one of the most popular Marvel superheroes: Daredevil! Happy Mics!

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