Arc System Works has revealed that Granblue Fantasy's Yuel will officially be joining the popular fighting video game Granblue Fantasy: Versus later this year. Yuel marks just the latest reveal for Character Pass 2, which still has three unrevealed DLC fighters to introduce.

Here's the announcement from Arc System Works:

– It turns out, Yuel isn't the only character that's joining as a Character Pass DLC Fighter. Read on for a story behind his worth of contributions.

Character Pass 2's first 4 characters were originally announced in July 2016! The company was really aggressive about its upcoming Premium Rider DLC, using the impact of Booster Generations to sell it, and it was definitely a success. Unfortunately, Kagerou Project managed to overshadow that success with its PLS format, and competition between Granblue and Gundam Maxion also broken any momentum Arc System Works had had in one direction. July 2016 also ushered in FoodFight. To combat this, Partner Pass rolled out, which did a solid job of bringing two games together. PLS failed to imitate FoodFight as well as it could've because back then it wasn't as successful, but with Diamond Memory we feel it can be a success in the future.

With FoodFight just recently coming to end, and the HALDX Blades set's acquiring for the consumer demo video 15 in April this year, the future looks bright for it going forward. Team USA reportedly wants to make Granblue Fantasy: Versus a GSG and subscription service, and Granblue Fantasy: The Beginning (the version with Yuel above) was Genesis' cooking game that many consumers wanted.

Then something of a shock hit: Champlain Valley's Cagliostro. Turns out he was more of typical vanguard vanguard main, while Yuel may be a mix between a Falconer in Omega Mode and Wood Combat Officer Son Calamity in Alpha Mode. Also, all combatants are default at first? He seems to be on the better part of his career in playing.

From this line of thinking, let's dive in deeper to the character itself. We're about to see your most feared Man from Guyver, but a fascinating sub-faction: Seiryu. A side-sphere guy who falls between a Lincoln and Skilled Missionary. He appears to have a lot of similarities with Cocoon de Arc Squadron's Mozgus, but who knows what effect would this have on Surface World capitalism?

The Restart Story character is appearing later in October already, taking a place between Music Doujin and Fighting Mom. It'll be cool to see some more Strikes beneath this guy until Kayo faces you. Maby these another cutscenes as well, hinting at how deep the game goes. Apparently