Granblue Fantasy: Versus Season 2 downloadable content character Cagliostro will launch on October 20, and newly announced fighter Yuel will follow in late December, publisher Cygames and developer Arc System Works announced.

Here is an overview of Cagliostro, via Cygames:

Cagliostro (voiced by Sakura Tange) The creator of alchemy in the skydoms, Cagliostro sought to achieve immortality, and in turn, discovered a way to swap out her body at regular intervals. During this process, Cagliostro created an approximate clone of herself. But she soon realised that this would not guarantee eternal life. She proposed a compromise between free will and powerful alchemy: via the Yantra —her holy symbol—Cagliostro could send herself back in time, to either prevent the current timeline from occurring or ensure that Cagliostro was allowed to play a key role in shaping its fate. She took her cross and completed the Yantra, giving hers to Cronus and letting him handle the difficult work of rewinding time. Since then—or so she'd like to believe—her old existence was forgotten, and like the mask she'd sealed herself in, its power faded over time. The memories of being Cagliostro faded out of mind like a piece of white smoke, and only Cagliostro, her alchemy and miracles remained. Death Once Persephone had been transported to Cronus's body, she was returned to the Time Nest before Cronus' consort Elizabeth could actually gain possession of her, though they still toyed with the idea of claiming her body. Fortunately for Elizabeth, the usual personal war between Cronus and his consort Elizabeth was made part of her job as Cronus's regular henchman. While Persephone lay faithful to this dual outlook, she introduced another sort of conflict to the fragile relationship between Cronus and Elizabeth. Lina In 15th Century England, a sorceress named Lina has the power to manipulate, or even alter normal matter. While she is instinctively a destructive force due to her high Magic Intelligence, she sought out a form of immortality dubbed "God Seed" as part of her already hidden abilities. She acquired the power from Micaiah, Cronus's consort, and used it to send herself and some of her companions back in time via the hidden Yantra to clinch their endings for themselves and the sometime time-travelling historians of the future. She then used the God Seed to send time back to 2200, where Lina sympathized with Seliph's party attempting to attend the coronation of George V. Time was altered slightly in the present day so that Elizabeth was alive and well while she was visiting Italy in the same timeline, though not without immense strain. Having been used so long to hold things in place that no-one can see things moving backwards, the force of time pushing in her direction had caused her to lose control of her faculties. She agreed to