Charmander Community Day is live in certain parts of the world in Pokémon GO. As the event debuts, the full Community Day paid research, "A Tale of Tails," is leaking on social media. Composed of four steps of five rewards, there are 20+ fun challenges with bonuses and more. Thanks to long-time player Daisy, the set of 10 rewards are appearing on her HIGHLY detailed blog.

ALSO WATCH The KnuTV Presents Pokemon GO Live Stream and Watch The Official Japanese Trailer here!

All audience at approximately 17:33 tonight

Let's do our best

@347C094E (campaign ground team)

@ilixibigam (English translators)

!"'Clone Pokemon have arrived. Make sure you check out the Trailer in this thread

@JUB\P^@H6B7G4L3 (event team head organizer)

Search for Pokemon in the air between Kyoto City and Okayama provincial city

You have 30 seconds to catch all the Pokemon

Winning moves: Stealth Rock, Hidden Power (the final Smash Ball success to buy energy)

Check out the full video & More on Daisy's blog

Pokémon GO is a free-to-play mobile game based on the popular Pokemon franchise developed in association with Nintendo. The game allows players to find Pokémon and train them to participate in the "Pokémon GO" movement. Players search for virtual creatures who will appear on their map after they walk between two virtual pins with a camera symbol in the app. Once a match is found, that player battles that Pokémon. Players are encouraged to find the creatures by walking around real estate landmarks, landmarks, and condos. Hot dog stands are a popular Pokémon hotspot in the U.S.

With just over 12 months to go until the major transfer window slams shut and with the first training session for transfers beginning on Tuesday, we take a look at the most prominent targets that will be affected by the final hours before the clock strikes midnight.

Staying on Kampferstadion


Reports in Germany claim that Bayern are close to sealing a €30 million deal for Juventus right-back Alex Sandro from Palermo. The source of the information and the likelihood of the deal being completed turned out to be Arsenal's reason for refusing to sell centre-back Thomas Vermaelen to Getafe for €25m. Udinese offered roughly the same amount, however. Napoli, Fiorentina, Udinese and Fiorentina are also said to be interested.

Vermaelen would probably be available for as little