Three percent of SpaceX Starlink satellites may have failed

A new report is making the rounds claiming about three percent of the SpaceX Starlink satellites the company has put into orbit have failed. According to the report, that number of satellites has seemingly failed because they are no longer maneuvering in orbit. The report goes on to say that several of the satellites have been found to be free literally directly out of their natural orbits. Some, the report claims, are more than 30,000 miles from their home base.

The small satellite explosion is reportedly being linked back to an engine problem. Some mining equipment with stamps from CAR Environmental roles in the rocket were also found by Stan Facebook for the explosion. There is an illegal explosion at the Tesla Motors Design Space facility in Hawthorne, California, seen on video back on April 23 of an explosion that took out several massive lithium metal batteries being produced at that location. Samsung's producer in Israel offices are also located in the same site, which provides the satellite's GPS link for the Falcon rocket.

South Korea's state-run news outlet Seoul Times, via Space Noticias,

reported on preliminary analysis of the failure and stated that it can't be (and apparently shouldn't be) ruled out that the rocket can save itself." The report went on to assert that the second stage of the rocket stage must have failed in order for an explosion to occur. SpaceX says that an investigation is ongoing to see what caused the failure, and what measures they will be taking.

According to a report from SpaceUSA NBC, other various components of the rocket that launched the satellites back in March are out of order as well and will have to be reused. Several operations personnel have been permanently assigned to the SpaceX launch pad at Cape Canaveral resulting from the accident. This unfortunate incident is one of several in the first quarter of 2015 starting on January 16, which caused a large fire at SpaceX's Cape Canaveral facility.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Set for Sunday Morning from Kennedy Space Center.

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