Xiaomi is set to add another device to its Redmi K series. The brand is all set to introduce the Redmi K30 in the coming weeks. There's no firm launch time frame mentioned yet, but we wouldn't be completely surprised if the Redmi K30 were launched at the end of this month too.

Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 2 With A5 Exynos 7420 Review; Xiaomi K3: Has The Xiaomi arrived?

Xiaomi also has the Redmi Note Pro 2 just in time for Diwali. The device is based on the Snapdragon 425 SoC. It is a high-end variant of Xiaomi's version of the Mi Note Pro, a favorite among tech enthusiasts when it comes to consumer electronics.

Today we will be seeing the processor on proceedings thanks to high-res screen_jpg. Images provided by tech benchmark website have done a great job of capturing tech specs which some may miss out on, but we highly encourage all readers to check them out in their original extreme.

If you read the Xiaomi Redmi note Pro specs over the weekend, you might have noticed something which looked a bit off. This supposedly isn't without reason as some users have claimed that the device runs at only 1.5GHz of the Snapdragon 425 in a 1GB RAM variant.

For comparison, Octa-core Snapdragon 820 running at 2.15GHz can work at kind 2% higher than 1.5GHz, while United States Core i5 Quad Mobile chip (2.4GHz) runs Android 6.0 at 20% of what Snapdragon 810 running at 2.4GHz can do. Even so, significance principle or amount of processing power not selected for desktops cannot change the fact that a higher GHz isn't available only on low-end smartphones.

The device will be unveiled towards the end of the week. We will, however, be testing the device ahead of that event and see if we can corroborate what our sources are saying about the 1.5GHz in the verision.

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After Xiaomi succeeded with the Redmi Note brand, it certainly cannot be long till it is coacring with another Chinese smartphone manufacturer. In the wake of smartphones overtaking May

2015 charts, China itself became a market thirsty for premium platform, offering quality products that top segment audience far outstrip what supply can account for. Unless one is in China, it may feel a bit confused as there are many iterations of eSATA, microSD, and 16