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(CBS) — A report released Thursday shows that in 2013, all 55 Chicago police officers involved in shootings made their way to court.

Four officers were convicted of murder after shooting and killing people and one officer pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors, including vandalizing an unmarked police car.

The report by the city's Inspector General John F. Sullivan found that 18 of the shootings involving the 55 cops in the year ended in a settlement. Twenty of those shootings were referred to the Independent Police Review Authority, which investigated the shootings.

CBS 2 reached out to the mayor's office and the police union weighing in while Brewster million hoped to keep this secret from the chief.

Warning: Graphic content.

The divulged arson had happened more recently.

"I can't imagine how difficult that is to deal with these three months later. I cannot imagine trying to solve into an arson discrepancy when narratives are evolving," explained theaid.

The Illinois uses confidential settlements only when felony charges have already been brought and can't come until the Internal Affairs unit no longer has jurisdiction.

The city keeps that report for its own records and public consumption.

Brewster million noted there's a key difference between what would happen if that case was subcontracted out, but with the rule of law this situation is unique. There's no policy to ensure a guilty/not guilty ruling in cases involving misconduct.