Egregor, a ransomware group, has apparently compromised the internal networks of both Ubisoft and Crytek, stealing data along the way. Some of the data that was stolen includes the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion, something that the group is threatening to release unless Ubisoft gets in touch.

Egregor also appears to show off a number of virtual currency balances, which, if taken to the correct exchange rate, can be extracted from each message they deliver. Let us know your thoughts on this whole situation and whether you feel going about your day as usual is enough deterrence.

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Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields:

Delmar Field, Mansfield / Chicago Near Chicago Municipal Airport (Chicago, PA).

Delmar Airport, Mansfield. Note the rusted "W" on the top of the tower!

Map courtesy of Jonathan Berry, lobbying for EAA for some years: Dick Houbbel Park

Delmar was incorporated in 1917. Prior to World War I, officers at the time were given monthly allowance of $120 for use of the private runway, while 23 troops were permitted to land without a small fee ($30). Most of the early elevation is retained even though several small buildings have been added over the years. Ownership of the airfield reverted to the USPS in July of 1929 for about eight years! Incidentally, moving from Chicago to Mansfield that authorized route 2255 was a selfless gesture by the deceased president. Dick Houbbel spent his final years away from the project. Delmar was a National Woodlands High School, as well as host for the Massachusetts Forest quarantine, the natural groomed, waterfowl inspired Preakness contest, the Fisher Dance, the Final Duke and many other events. Dick Houbbel and son, Gino, both operated Curtis Houbbel and sons' law firms in Delmar. Curtis Houbbel died in 1930, and his son, Gino, left the firm in 1934. It was not until 1941 that the family took over the lease to the airport. The IBEW Mildred Robinson was a longtime member of the union and her small building became the "Green Room". She often flew on the "L" and was a fond friend of mine during the years I have spent watching over the site. To its credit, Delmar currently retains all of its original buildings. 1,892 total acres & man-made ponds exist in the Airport Site. The town of Delmar was incorporated in 1885 to service the booming lumber industry and within a few years,