Cell service could soon be out of this world.

NASA has awarded Nokia a $14. 1 million grant to "led the effort to bring a commercially-viable 4G network to the Moon," according to The Wall Street Journal.

NASA is working on a modified version of ring working to demonstrate that terrestrial networks can provide ultra-high speeds on the Moon, which is 1,392 feet below us. Using solar cell panels to send signals, the Ha'ittle crater site could be the very first installation of a 4G program on the Moon.

Here's what you need to know:

How the Unknown Scarf Will Help Find Life on the Moon

First, we need to figure out where the Moon has been in its life cycle — what condition it's been in and for how long. After all, much of Earth's history was made while the Moon was in its early infancy. So what phases did the Moon encounter over the summer?

Space.com's NBC News put together a timeline of the most significant events from next month to 1950s:


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Trump, Mann said, is exploiting both the same economic and cultural grievances, while also looking to various groups on the left who would be receptive to his populist message.

"If you look at the long-term candidates, from [James] Cox — the Democrat who beat him for the Senate in 1948 and Senate from Florida — to [Howard] Baker, the Democrat who beat him for the presidency in 1976 to [Walter] Mondale, the Democrat who beat him for the presidency in 1984 — they were, in their races, pursuing economic policies that were closer to the center of the Democratic Party," Mann said.

"The Clintons are responding to those kinds of values, and much more in the economic sphere."

Mann calls for a new party on the left that is "more aggressive" than the Democratic Party on the economy and has a "conservative or populist function," essentially a salvation for the Democrats if they get knocked out of the White House in four years.

"I think the party's very