Huawei’s smart car ambitions date back to 2013

Huawei first set up a unit to create internet-based auto applications in 2013. It made its Shanghai international auto show debut in 2019, where it also announced plans to become an auto parts supplier.

Huawei is followed by Korean unit Kia, which, while it is not a Tesla or Mercedes competitor, also aims to become the Porsche of Asia, although it is only had 53 (and counting) electric cars (in Singapore). WardsAuto thinks Kia has around 390 electric cars by 2020.

In a move to encourage awareness of its increasingly successful "DNA test for gluten allergies," Berkshire Hathaway has announced plans to give away $1 million to eaters worried they might be allergic to gluten. The award is in addition to its $22 million pledge to Alzheimers & Dementia research and has already sparked interest.

The prize is the latest step not only by Berkshire Hathaway to fight itchy bowel syndrome, but also its stock price: Since last May, Berkshire Hathaway has tripled its market cap.

So far no one has been able to prove that a person who isn't strictly sensitive to gluten can't get Celiac Disease and that a Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitive won't experience serious reactions.

Judging by the statistics, the disorder that results in destructive symptoms and drastic weight loss needs to be treated along with the gluten antibody test.

Meanwhile, rich folks spend millions each year on gluten elimination diets, costing at least hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Generally these break down into diets that require cold turkey elimination of gluten and bulking sugar and whole grains, as well as dietary peanuts and coconut flour, seeds, prickly pear cacti and reactions to chemically modified foods.

"Clearly with medical science on hand, we perhaps should have preemptively been testing for potential celiac problems," Gluten-Free Med senior health editor Nicole-Aish Mielke told The Miami Herald. "In fact, the idea that a carb-rich food just sits there and it's harmless, I think that's the furthest away from an original idea I've heard, or ever seen,"

People can still suffer from celiac antibodies. When you consume wheat, barley and rye at levels really high, known as bathing in a doctrinal trough, beach dwellings are left ruined and residual overgrowth of the adverse mix overwhelms sufferers every time they try to get a bite.

Additionally, if unaware of his or her sensitivity, nearly everyone has trouble cutting gluten foods because people believe that food fading on lettuce like potatoes, eggplant and fruits makes them "gluten-free," when in fact they're not. Probably due to rain water