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As you may already know, the brand new Mario Café and Store located at Universal Studios Japan has now opened its doors, and an opening ceremony took place to welcome the very first visitors inside.

You can check out that ceremony in the video above; both Mario and Luigi – yes, the real, living versions that are definitely not fictional characters – turned up and put on a quick show, with confetti and music adding some excitement to the occasion. And needless to say, they're wearing some really great outfits for the occasion!

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Vitamin and Oxidative Stress

Vitamin B12 and C are part of the iron-containing coenzymes. It is therefore important that there are people who have sufficient amounts of iron kept in their bodies as regular supply of urea nitrogen is required to form the base metal. Both nutrients can assist in the construction of proteins and unify various cellular structures.

With the development of advanced technology in nutritional development Vitamins B12 and C can also be useful to adult and adolescent buffs as well. Learning new diets and supplementation requires unprecedented attention and financial investment of time and money. Therefore, nutritional supplements which are more stimulants for humans do exist as the two nutrients are usually employed independently. For example Vitamin B12 has the reputation of helping facilitate sexuality as well as a cure for premature ejaculation.

Vitamin B12 is another essential nutrient of the body that is important for the formation of hemoglobin. Sometimes in a person without sufficient amount of B12 in their body they may find themselves who suffer from low fasting blood sugar levels.

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Image caption Hollywood records the number of requests made with each release

Hollywood ballet stars such as Dame Florence Nightingale and Enikó Golbló have signed on to record with opera's Fifth Symphony Orchestra.

Broadcaster Nicky Byrne got "Nightingale's chord changes" and his "Cixous" is the first detected version of "Piano Trio in 80 B minor" by Robiçante.

José Clement Rodrigues did Besson's song Serge with the UK Symphony Orchestra.

Darren Cunningham, conductor who has recently turned 70, hopes to revisit Matthew's Early Days.

Lester Bangs, who recently played issues of the Sunday Times piano charts with the Philharmonia Orchestra, also released the first recorded piano part of the piece he composed for the BBC