It’s easy to find information on anything with a search engine at our fingertips, but some things are easier to look for than others. News topics, trivia and scientific data will usually populate the first page of your search results, but what if you want to look for a song? And how about a news story, movie riff or a restaurant review? Since so much information is out there, even if you're trying to find the exact thing you're looking for, it's true that things can get confusing. Luckily, Google has addressed this in its latest update to its search results, making them much more readable. In the preview page featured above, you can see that search results as well as it looks in Google's web.

Users will see smaller font, simplified layout, and a cleaner, crisper image. Rather than looking at a list that showcases news stories and big pictures dealing with sports, movies, and local news, users should be able to find the results within a more approachable format. Leaked pictures of the final product are also currently available online to give you an idea of what the UI should look like.

Previously, people wanted to see videos or pictures under "Trending," but now that the feature has been updated, it will show the information that users want to see. The current preview also highlights a few new topics, including the Weather and Illness. In addition, this relates in part to the continuous updates that Google is adding to its search algorithms all across the company's platforms. Per the Wolterstorfs planeaul.

w/ the latest update to @google search results the artist name & genre field is no longer displayed — WorldinChaosPC (@WorldinChaos) June 5, 2014

@RealBuzzMore @Haloswa @Google How do old Google search results still work? How can I re-spot WOW, CNN, Weather? — Kevin Gledc (@kevinLGledc) May 29, 2014

The updated search bar will be available worldwide beginning today for Android users. It may also be available to Chrome, Chrome OS and other platforms once the update is complete. Current users of older versions of Google Search will be able to easily migrate their data to the new results, which you can access through the search results reporter confirmed by Google in a company blog post. Google won't be searching or ranking the results by date or categories, which may sometimes result in a messy product experience. The Google product manager wrote, "When you're just starting out, or putting together an article, you may not care about category or year preservation. However, if you want to understand what a baseball player's performance looks like over the course of his career