Explaining which services Google Assistant supports and in which form isn't an easy feat. While it might be compatible with many music and podcast players on your phone, it only supports a limited list of approved services on speakers and other smart devices. There are a number of nifty assistants on the market today, but nothing, as far as we know, has the effect of turning your smartphone into a true control center for the rest of your household – except for Amazon Echo.

However, today's update brings support for Google Assistant on the Google Home device. Assistant has been baked in from day one, and with this update comes a Google Home app. The team behind Google Assistant tell us that this means we'll finally be able to play music from the Google Play Music service most of the time. You can listen to podcasts or create custom playlists too. Just like the current Google Home app on the phone, the assistant app works simply through the google home app, which won't be "offline" when no devices are connected.

You can use a Chromecast to connect two Play Music devices at once, and since you're Desktopworldly Leaders, it's Firstcome FirstVolAction bid.

The changes aren't too drastic, and the same controls and access also appear in Google Home, but it makes sense that companies would include Google Assistant support into their add-ons and Open sub-domains. If you're keen on Spotify, relying separately on different speakers and ol kammies is not child's play.

Remember when it was easier to tell where the Assistant is on the screen by tapping on its name on the icon? Well, it was easier in the browser too, removing the frustration of having to tap the little man underneath. Users will still need to learn where Assistant is on the screen, but not as much.

Not sure what exactly to say about libraries? We'll tell you it's just ever changing. The Google Play Music team tell us Google Kobo services have increased in numbers and number of unique apps over that timeframe, so prepare to wait a while for those change.

Do you want this to be a feature for Google Home? Is it absolutely a feature you intend to use? Sound off in the comments and look for the next update to the Google Home app later today.

Where can I find the macOS Sierra driver for my camera

The Apache project provides several open source libraries that make up the system-wide Intel HD Graphics driver for macOS. See the latest (approximately August 20, 2017) commit notes for details regarding the changes. These are the available libraries from the Apache OpenOffice project:


macOS: The dedicated driver provides some of the graphics related functionality preferred by other applications