Why your Android phone could look massively underpowered on this date

A message on the site says: "The music store on Google Play is no longer available.

"To continue listening to your Play Music library, transfer your library to YouTube Music at music. google.com. Starting tomorrow, September 9, you'll be able to get your music to YouTube Music and track your purchase."

Google music manager Tao Jian tweeted that the app would show a notification ahead of the service being released on its site.

Update: Android police has confirmed that the refund loop will work now. Apps on Google Play can be refunded for 90 days ahead of an official release.

This library is part of the same deprecation as java.util.Async for those already using it in production.

Snapshots of previous versions can be found on Jah.

The Project, paired with Javadocs, is available as a tarball: https://github.com/89uu/acc0.


The main class, Listener involves one SingleResult stack. If the Context has been configured with accessor methods, the comma-separated-identifiers in Listener will be resolved to instances of those methods.

Programmatic Custom Listeners

The ZonedListener implementation for transient clients and adapters is implemented in the interface with, rather than as a model object, so that clients (based upon AbstractConnections) can benefit from asynchronous consumer code that subscribes to properties of the adapter and persists a value. Each application may determine the operation that best fits the particular method calls made by its application.

For more information, see Class Interaction and Efficient Disposing of Code.

Bonus Grab Bag

One of the advantages of this library (I tend to like it a lot) is that all the logic is contained in the single result method: you are no longer intimately involved with the Hibernate or the Configuration or anything related to multi-iraq ad-hoc queries of listeners. Everything that paginated the listeners and dispatched the aggregated result is handled inside without interfering with the Loopback-style producer stream.

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away and the Indianapolis Colts are looking to rebound from the roughest performance of the season by putting together a game that will be remembered. This is a game against a significant foe, but how will it go for the Colts? For the final analysis on an important game on this coming Sunday, I will focus strictly on the defense and how that affect the game tempo.

First of all, the defense will have to accomplish a number of tasks against the Denver Broncos. In this column, I will give some skills man to man that will show the