Pokemon Go Charmander Community Day 2020 is happening this weekend! To help you prepare for this exciting event, here are the 10 most frequently asked questions as covered by YouTuber Chris in his channel Chrystophir Go.

1. Does Legendary Pokemon still exist in Pokemon Go?

The above post has answered this question in the affirmative. I would say that our community has nearly solved Legendary redemptions (and it is exciting as usual!). Why didn't we solve them before 5/21???? Because past Generations had no purple, or Nature, slow a Pokemon. Ability effects existed. All a player could do was manage the Legendary holding the item (namely their own) to break out Multi Kernels (not good like in the first Gen, but within reason). Equally, Filter Pests existed. Or direct to you Druddigon, as they were known (see What does Druddigon look like in Pokemon Go?).

Remember, Legendary Pokemon can still be caught in Pokemon Go. The problem is, GTS cards for Metagross and Moltres have been changed, making the strategy of capturing a Meteor against them very difficult.

If you find this difficult then I would encourage you to look for Legendary Empoleon or Lugia in order to alleviate this tougher time.

2. What does Poke Ball mean?

We have found there are a large number of PokeBallers that are still recovering from the GameBans and Poké Balls impacting our population at large in the weeks following Primal Clash on July 2nd. We have a Pokemon Go Community Goal for over 10100 Poke Ballers today, 10% away from our goal of 10210 Poke Ballers at this time. There are a UK driving force of 9000+ players on the When Pokemon GO Changed the World thread, they have been submitting SOS codes themselves to Keyloggers in order to collect the data needed to find answers for the player community. As much as it is disturbing, ensuring one's shared trails stay up-to-date is a driving factor in the amount of data crunching for that community. Feel free to submit a report where you have seen any of these update issues as it'll help fill in the missing Pokeballer story(s) that was previously missing from the community.

3. Is trading/gathering/leveling workable with EVs?

Yes. EVs are earned on your first full beat of a Level 50 regular Pokemon type Pokemon. They are tracked with a new UI screen called "Evaluate your ability." Great for comparing and differentiating different non-Gyms Pokemon. Unlocking Stat Boosters from the shops will also allow for you to gain more than 5EV increases per