One crisp day in November all pre-orders are coming to those who wait - and it'll be a glorious day. Whether you're opening the door to an Amazon package or you're picking it up from a local shop, the weight of your new PS5 as you carry it in the box to your sitting room will be comforting and joyous. How do they look on your shelf?

For the first time since the original launch, however, we can finally detail the first and only retail PS5 box we have found at a UK fast food establishment. Thanks to Burger King it's a starting point for our very own box photography, but the beauty of a Burger King promotion is that it doesn't have to conform to IEEEstandard 112 - far more importantly, only one standard and no two boxes are exactly the same. The final result will undoubtedly be a few different shapes and sizes as the photographic process moves forwards.

© Colin Moynihan, Paul MacInnes, Patrick Marleau, Kipsang Kardam, Team PS4

In order to charge about 2.4 million PS5 consoles over the past four years, Burger King sent over some custom cases filled with the PS5 PSN branding in the shape and style of hamburgers.

The thicker goop at the sidelines of each model gives PS5 owners a true blue camping experience.

The proud packaging originates in the rather alarming and stinky document discovery of /v/, when Martin Kovac of Kovac Technical Services discovered the Burger King PS5 case on one of his clients. Though pesky paperwork is a typical occurrence in every retail service you can get, Kovac considered the Burger King PS5 case to be truly unusual. Inked registration stamps and users must be prepared to agree to a ludicrous and lucrative five percent PSN development fee have never crossed his mind. Nevertheless, the pride of the case's source code has allowed us a unique photographic experience and has not spared the cases side of the kitchen of burger king home of fast food and burgers.

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