Sony's latest 3D display device 'Spatial Reality Display' allows you to review your creations in 3D without having to use cumbersome 3D glasses or some such device as it allows you to go 3D with the naked eye.

The display device is compact and handy and designed specifically as a screen for desktops with a 45-degree recline and a triangular frame.

The device contains 3D images which are viewed at your visual acuity level of around 20/20. Thereby it aims to touch the pleasurable experience of 3D display Experiences even without the aid of glasses.

'Spatial Reality Display' accepts two different input sources

Eye tracking allows you to comfortably use Spatial Reality Device, since by computing the eye of a user on the device, it produces images of the content inside the headset against the user's eyes. The information captured by a 3-D sensor inside the wearable device allows the VR super images to remain centered on the overall viewing angle, thus not to have dangling off the viewer's face. Also the PR could field two different input sources when you place them on the device, namely by using an Android Wear-enabled Android device to use the keyboard or also by using a normal human hand.

Sony Unveils Crystal-Clear 3D Viewing

The Spatial Reality Display has also been equipped with a feature which gives a crystal-clear VR experience by removing fog and refractions. The PR can also be easily cleaned through a smartphone, thereby ensuring grease and dust sacks aren't necessary.

360-degree video You can watch 360-degree videos using the video streaming function of the response device.

Spatial Reality Display builds upon the concept of 'Q-Switch', which has two capacitive firing buttons on it. Sony plan to launch Spatial Reality Display in the same month it launches the QXRX55 headphones.

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