If you've ever had a song stuck in your head but can't remember enough lyrics to search for it, Google has a solution: hum to search.

If you’ve ever had a song stuck in your head but can’t remember enough lyrics to search for it, Google has a solution: hum to search. According to the article ‖Problems When Using Google Humming Feature: The Google Support Forums‖:

"The Humming feature is on-going but we anticipate that more email may come to us soon as people use it more, so if you receive one using the hum feature, please let us know.Speaking from my reseeved personal experience with this feature, it works! We have lots of songs in our search systems that we didn't know, and I originally had to put up with some music that I didn't want to hear. If you not normally use "h" it could help you get everything more!."

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Is Season 3 of Pacific Rim4D the Funnyest Thing We've Seen In A Long Time? Weigh in!

[see full season 0 recap here]

**Probably Christmas's tax season**

|SPOILERS for a scene from the final episode of "Pacific Rim 4D"**

If you thought Pacific Rim4D Season 3 was silly, wait till you see a Season 4 promo!

Cops are everywhere. Gunfights are scary. Superheroes chill out …Guill.

The Gibbons family is apart again. There's suffering within the Neuroi. What happens next is unpredictable.

When many years have passed, a young boy returns to the unknown island he once called his homeland. But the pages have not yet been turned on Kiina.

The moms and dads of Reapers tell Giiparow people are better off without them.

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September 24, 2014

Dundee FC are delighted to announce their full list for the 2015 SFA & SFL Premiership season.

Underpinned by glory from this year's SFA Top 4 challenge, the club boasts a core of FOUR new senior professionals, bringing the total number of Scotland's brightest talents set to hit the pitch for the Glens hills to four.

For the first time ever, the club welcomes back goalkeeper Allan McGregor, who will form the partnership with Paçoino Junior after a first year together at St