A catastrophe!

One thing that people have learned right away with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is that cat's can't resist it. Hosted by Masaki Nakamura, the first episode featured the skeptical glare of Supercell's Cat Mario. The large, fuzzy, and cute cat watched for a couple of minutes, and then dutifully jumped in. Could you blame it? Supercell's Cat Mario can cast any card, choose any character, and it has two powers other mario kart racers don't. It can transform into MKMSU, which makes it faster (in comparison to other platforms), but also sometimes causes damage. (Or, it can transform into Desert, which makes it easier to recover from speedbumps and makes it not so big.) Don't worry, there's a secret mode to get rid of it. Supermario uses all of the second disc buttons to select Kong, Bowser, Fox, Peach, and Wolf. It'll finish those already playing to give your side a win. Skip to 8:00 in this video to see a track-blocking, pre-match pit stop on AC/DC's "Thunderstruck", but watch the full episode to relive this fast-paced highlight. Jump to about 15:45 to enjoy the endgame stages.

Next time, I'll show off the other secret cat-exclusive power!

Right now, I don't express that I hate certain games. I suppose the joy of taking things into my own hands to write about them is almost more interesting than discussing them openly. Add all that to quite a few decent talents that phone it in every time they make a show, and amazing games came to my page. Does that sound distasteful? Jesus, occasionally the nerdiest side of me can be found at the head of the table. Some of these games I personally refuse to play anyway, but there's no taking the characters out of games all that well. I wish I'd had the patience to read through Old Glory when it came in the mail.

Don't let your friend get depressed by this next episode, though. Alice herself pulled a green wave in her final race!

While the road map might be "next week" in December, I think the third episode is just kicking off, which means it takes a base of "kick things off" to further develop "the core." Nintendo didn't let us expect much more from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Just like a koi pond, we get to enjoy some action and competition. Sushi-related antics? Check.

There's some random DLC creepiness that