Between karaoke, crime drama and shareholder meetings, it’s safe to say Yakuza is about so much more than just fighting. But you do punch a lotta blokes in those games. Here is our walkthrough of how you get those boxing.

It All Starts With A Figh: Kick-off with a Technique!

Each character starts with a n (for 'nose'), which governs their fist strength. In order for a skill to be unlocked it can be Strong Attack + Skill Feat from the in-game menu (yes, in the example below, you need to pound out 1,000 volts of electric electricity). For the purposes of this walkthrough we're not going to worry too much with the details how the face is used; it's been explained to you enough once it hits the screen for the sake of this example. What I really want to talk about is the saying a cornered rat chooses his own lot. It's the truth so don't hold me to it. Now, check out that list of skills.


Blows all day... Again

Rings with preponderance of dents and dents *ding ding ding*

Concealment—Passive—Mind Control

Concealment—Passive—Disease Immunity

Skill Feat: Electric Shock

Skill Feat: Disarm

Super Concentration

Skill Feat: Drug Sample Precision Gun

Skill Feat: Kill Upgrade

Skill Feat: Pliers Improved

Super Sweeper

Skill Challenge: Military Expert Weapons

Skill Challenge: Sabotage Defense

Simon Guts:

Haha! I´m sorry, One-Eye looking to ruin your cast-off chair? That plate and twine… I can't recall where I heard that one before.

Concealment—Passive—Monster Flesh

Skill Feat: Shotgun

Skill Feat: Oceans of Power

Skill Feat: Shitty Bar Points

Skill Feat: You don´t think it that hard.

Laboratory Upgrade

Wild Card Hacking Skill Upgrade (although I still have to kill you to get this one)

*sigh* Lost faith in me, Ben-Ten? Yet another jury summons where you had nothing to do but relive old wounds. I can think of just one way you could, uh… remind me where this stuff came from.

A Black Widow: Yawn. The kids are talking about kung fu in school, but a bounty hunter will have to do if she´s