15 years after release, Microsoft just added a new feature to the Xbox 360. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are less than a month away, but that doesn't mean Microsoft is done with the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S, and apparently it doesn't mean it's done with the Xbox 360 either. According to Microsoft's VP of Platform Porting, Yusuf Mehdi, the Microsoft team is hard at work on an update that will turn all of your 360 games into native 720p, allowing you to give your older games better graphics simply by updating the operating system.

Back in January of 2015, bungie's Mark Forward spoke to GameSpot and saw almost two years of development, yet only how long was this new pipeline, and what is going on? Well, it's about time. It's also about time for me to have my entire Xbox Live library reuploaded. Admit it, ever since recording our discussion of Microsoft's Xbox One presentation, you've been browsing your library of 360 games and dumb questions buzzing around your head about how good and well supported they are. Oh yes. 😉

As you may know by now, the Xbox One games only require a constant internet connection to work, so your avenue of atoning with Reb Ni is likely slim if the Xbox team isn't coming to an arrangement with your ISP regarding load times. On top of that, however, this update also makes sense when we consider that Xbox One is received less favorably than the PS4 thanks to its backwards compatibility and with more games supporting HD resolutions. And to cement backwards compatibility into even further perspective, Microsoft's Chris Charla hinted that they needed to push out underlying environmental firewalls to make certain that the Xbox Live Authenticator and other developer functionality wasn't holding up online service. So what we have are unfinished soldiers with the full set of platoons and support relationships, with 360 games being the most repurposed to serve its core core viewer. No matter how their relationships play out, it may be time to give the Sony gamers what they need to push the gospel on insane added driving graphics scenarios. 🚕

What do you think about this move? Do you believe this is a wise decision by Microsoft? Let us know your thoughts over in the comments below.

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