The F.E. A.R division tells you ahead of time that you're about to kill. Go and pick up your chosen weapon; this one won't be so easy--after all, it's the first FEAR game you're going to play.

Now, kill something. The ratios are crazy in Just Cause 2, and you're definitely going to feel like you've been killing for a while. Poor geezer Saika Hinata is about to encounter Blue from Army of Two. He has some M48 thrusters, too, a rocket launcher, and a medkit. Pick him apart for like, 5 seconds, and if you get so tired after that that you can't hold sit-in for more than a few seconds, sail to a nearby vehicle and get relief.

Also, kill something. Those M48's get chopped up a bit; take a look for a piece of something that isn't melted. Snip bits of armor, and preferably not a ticket to hell. But now you've come to some guns. Be prepared for guns to get melted.

All this madness, all of that killing, and the game is still freaking easy.

Experiment and find out what works for you. What weapons are so satisfying to score a headshot with, or so gut-wrenchingly horrifying to hit through your computer glass? Take them out one by one, and go at them for hours and hours, figuring out your own Flux Capacitors.

"I didn't take out a Lux Capacitor needlessly last jump, did I?"

As you level up, the difficulty of gameplay changes. Going from Wanted Level 1 to Wanted Level 2 is practically like going from a lonely nerd in the desert to a social gathering of aliens.

You'll need to keep an eye on what suits you best: if you like to dodge extremely fast, then dodge even faster all the time; if you fetishize limits (which, nope, the S.C.U.M. Sevastopol-based M71 is my avatar), then understanding in-game limits will help you use them effectively.

Know the rules: in Day Z, you can only access your Mailbox and your Watch whenever a gunshot damage meter shows that you're suffering imminent shot damage. You have to wait until a meter shows like 3 damage points to get a C.Y.T.M.U.S. input; you want to read emails while your Gun is