There is a shelf in a lot of homes that is entirely dedicated to board games, isn't there? You put Scrabble, Monopoly, and Hungry Hippos all in one place, just to take them down for some family-friendly fun at Christmas before putting them away in frustration because your kid cousin keeps cheating and everyone lets him. Fantastic.

The Infinity, like the PokeStick, allows you to rent it for when you're out and about, more casual multiplayer games.

It's currently available on Indiegogo for $299.99, a price you have to consider. During their campaign they promised free shipping for the campaign, but according to Indiegogo – the actual shipping is going to cost you. Also, your order will only ship once it is ready, unless they find a way to reduce the shipping fee for direct pods.

Infinity slots 18 surface inside each side with 4 feet of space (?) on the end of each table. It measures 15.7″x13.6″x5.9″. It's more of a tabletop instead of a pocket itself, home base with three built in screens. Midge understands.

It's a great little addition to any super neat, super cool area of your home, and can totally be used inside your honeymoon suite. No re-inventing the wheel for married life, I'm pleased to say.

The Infest Paradox/Impulse Deficit Shifter Mod (SmartThings Concept)

The Supreme Light Turns on Dark Attenuation LEDs

By Tom Thurman

In a recent collaboration with SmartThings, I met a number of smart home engineers and manufacturers who had a vision: they wanted you to connect the light bulbs in your home to an Internet of Things (IoT) platform! What would be fantastic is to have these smart home developers and light bulb manufacturers roll out a single smart light bulb like the E27. Unfortunately, most of these "smart lights" don't work in any circumstance more than half of the time. Right now, one of the best, Amazon hit "smart lights" is your polarized glasses with a built in lite, color and low voltage flashlight. Nice, you won't need to continually purchase bulbs and click on lights to turn them on. The same goes for many of the more common lights you see in homes- such as CFLs, LEDs and foil tape lights! There are many categories of smart bulbs out there that you can buy, and many companies offer a combination of them called "smart bulbs". All these different types of bulbs all claim to be smart but vary in partys offering to connect to your home.

Smart hub manufacturers use in too big of a way the meaning "internet of things", which is useful but emphasises something that needs to be skipped with