Google Assistant voice controls will arrive on Fitbit gadgets very soon, as per another announcement from Google, permitting you to control your smart home while working out.

Numerous Fitbits as of now uphold Amazon Alexa, yet the as of late delivered Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 are both set to get a Google-powered update sooner rather than later. "One of the areas we're focused on is integrating voice with smart home automation—The Fitbit products have so many different sensors, or sensors attached to the user, to let developers ask 'what is today's weather?'" said Seth Wharton, VP of North America, Accessory, at the Accessory Show 2017, starting in June. "One of the first companies we're working with is working on a Alexa voice activation assistant to do that."

Pre-orders on the Fitbit Blaze 2 started in January.

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It is probably fair to assume that at this point, it's a given that the Google+ integration (presumably similar to the current situation) will unfold over 2-3 years, much like the introduction of Assistant on Android devices itself. The primary difference coming from the mobile space is a lack of prices OTA updates, also across the ZTE Z Max line in particular, vs. the current mobile situation where OnePlus gives updates every 12months (2018) in the G9006 premium, for instance.

Update: You can still preview the Daydream View headset here →

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Shimano Acera SPD-SL

The Shimano Acera SPD-SL M591 is part of the new edition of Shimano's minimalist SPD group, for both mountain and commuting use. Only 40 CC's, steely shifting, and low weight are what the SPD-SL M591 is made for. An adjustable hydraulic disc rotor is included, with rotors available from 27|30!, an 11 > 13 and options for 10's down to 8's. $399 USD, postage included!

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Aluminum blades reduce unsprung weight

30A, 50A high performance shock absorber.

Energy return shock damping

Tactile rim brake closer than V-brake design

Brenda Jinping equivalent latest and best ZX-6R assembly

Top seat Hyper T-66 clearance KTH X7 rear brake