Back in August, some of your favorite Marvel heroes arrived in Fortnite for the Nexus War. Now, they’re getting some reinforcements.

While following some Wormholes (there's a puzzle in this map in case you didn't know) one player discovered the mighty, armored figures of the Champions of Midgard.

The Champions just got some big mean minds behind them! Belphegor and Darkhawk and Gladiator, and they're here! — Emily Egan (@MuslimZanny) December 7, 2016

Keeping with the theme, gameplay in Fortnite Fortresses is about building and defending large structures with sets of pre-built blocks. It's scaffolding way testament to how dynamic FPS games setting up the open-world (or in Fortnite: against-the-clock Heroes vs. Villains) can be.

However, this announcement is not about DLC or official Fortnite content. Instead, Fortnite CBT 2.0 is a test of various gameplay elements. Marvel Heroes and Destiny 2 have made similar steps into letting players test out their respective games' interactions with the world, but what is Fortnite doing differently? It's not even linking these maps with existing game data because of the way they are packaged.

The catch might be that DLC was planned for Fortnite, but it was never ready. A community-engineered update for Fortnite was released in November though. That update felt like an actual DLC that makes use of Fortnite's Storylines-focused gameplay. Players flagged to both SPARROW DLC (Casual Play) and EPIC WARS™ three-person multiplayer (Hardcore) both made it to the leaderboards plus the Convenience Points gained from clearing 1,500 fences.

The only substantial change in CBT 2.0 is that the denizens of Ragnarok have returned along with plans for a multiplayer Dust feature called "Dashing," as mentioned on the Fortnite forums. That seems a little weaker as a creative-soulfighter-boost when we've heard the idea before and not noted anything concrete.

What do you think of this news? As teased in the Marvel Heroes IV push-up taunt, what sort of innovative gameplay have you been looking forward to in Fortnite Fortresses? Share your thoughts with those who will be testing tomorrow.

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