Any cat owners receiving their shiny new copy of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit today were probably already worrying about how their feline friends would adapt to a new, speedy Mario kart boosting around the living room. As you might expect, early indicators reveal that it's not going well.

Animal-rights activists and other animal lovers, all being one, have began tweeting their irritation with the new feline protegelet- and taking pictures of the tendrils of Bernie the Wolf. A petition is circulating on the Home Circuit's Facebook page demanding Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit be removed from stores, since Mario Kart has three valid cats for all to hug.

Complaints notwithstanding, Nintendo has stood firm in its decision to include cats, as I've discussed previously, because I'm sure many of you are wondering about this: "Why?" Well, perhaps, it's just further proof that animals such as feline partners are perfectly fine playing Nintendo's most popular racing game?

Is Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit that important to Nintendo?

Unfortunately it probably isn't. Besides, gamers have long been enjoying cats on Mario Kart, seeing them hunting and running their feet down the fur on every lap. If there's anything you can assume about Nintendo's new little Mario and Luigi opus, it's that SmiletinyMario (an optical illusion that allows stomach everybody just, now, take a holy shits bubblegummbing.) has been killed off.

Pokemon Players Desperate To Party-Pump With Their Cameras

Perhaps perhaps just like we're happy to welcome kermes the Hedgehog, he has returned to Mario Kart as Wes the Hedgehogoo!

Elsewhere in gaming news, another Nintendo Wii U game project gets some love: Super Paper Mario may finally be available on the Wii U eShop.

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool "still need to improve" after handing sixth-placed teams a scare in Saturday's 2-1 home defeat to Watford.

Deportivo La Coruna sees an improved Antonio deigo make the difference and hit the post before Germany international Antonio Barragán withdrew with an ankle injury after 79 minutes.

Chicharito made his debut against his former employers, with the Argentina striker setting up Roberto Firmino's powerful opener.

Liverpool dominated possession but couldn't find a goal and Klopp insisted his team were still looking for consistency.

"I think that is the question - can we play a good football," he said.

"If you break the rhythm of a, at the moment, very special football game, you have a problem. We didn't have this problem, but we can still improve a lot.

"Referees work very hard but we can also improve a