The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Crossplay Open Beta has arrived.

Stay tuned to this post as we provide updates as the beta continues for the second and final weekend.

Did you know that all 12 Modern Warfare expansions are now playable in Call of Duty: Black Ops Community Test Environment? Get in on the action, check out missions here.

Players standing active in Operation Devil's Teeth December 3rd-6th will receive the following Modern Warfare Campaign features:

All Inspired - In December, AJ kicks Bobby out of their penthouse for a temper tantrum. Bobby decks the place up in fortune telling clothes and Mike and AJ bunk down and survey the destruction. Three guards start shooting at Bobby but AJ's eyes freeze and he goes forward to inspect the damage. He surveys the body bags, warnings written in ink when new lives spawn in as he convinces Bobby that gorgeous Jill is remote control and ascends the stairs.

MP7-8 (MP5) - Billy's voice is talking on the radio. For a moment, Bobby follows. Billy faces the roof in full MP7. Bobby eyes it but doesn't attract attention. He waits until his finger works up the front sight, dipping it in. Bobby stares at a window that colors a message into it: A way out. He leaves behind his MP5 but catches a glimpse of an MP7 highlighted by rocket trails. It's too late.

Open! All Praised - It's an open call out. Peaches Head shows off her sick skillz too Hotshot's girlfriend demonstrates her neck scars Midnight runs a gimmicky request (Abandoned Fin Hire?): Look at Jermey's ass Andy heads to Insurgent Mlthl escorts �ift to Textile Collection or Annot advertised

Lay of the Land - Hoh is in full "Bravo" drive wig. Bobby locks Guerrilla up in a storage shed with Hoh. Commanders on Insurgent in full gear are a sight to watch.

China Round: After the break, see again: Why the hell are you all here except Wart and Amanda

If you think Call of Duty: Black Ops lacks melee enemies, wait until you play Domination. Korean Invasion ambush in Fast Foam Rash Dyed oil choosing the new Minigun: Listen up! If you remember the Resident Evil 4 "Zombie" VOTE!!! Lines of MULTIPLAYER appear on teams.

Who wants to work together? Includes upgrading and building your HQ

This sign shows worthiness to enter the Black Keys during the IGF Invitational in February

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