With a filter life of upto 2 years. It comes with 3 timer modes including 2 hour, 4 hour and 8 hour modes.

Also Available - Puri Air Purifying Water Purifier

Also Available - Nurturing Flow Sanitizer Puri Water Purifier

The air purifier can be installed in around 10 feet of space meaning you can keep more items and most of the time can read news at a distance if needed, according to Idea FZE, which billed the product.

The Puri Air Cleaner comes with LED display with a timer pattern so you'll never have to switch off and load again. The pilot, due to its advanced filter technology, residue quality, it's data collection station and convenience to app technology lead it to be the #1 best selling air purifier in India.

Besides air purifier, Idea FZE also launched three diiset batteries. To learn more about this you can visit the website below.

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