Possible data theft has been reported by the major gaming corporations- Ubisoft and Crytek whereby, a cybercriminal group Egregor, had threatened to publish the source code of Watch Dogs: Legion game. The information has previously been released by the cybercriminals on their site on Dark Web.

The cybercriminal group had threatened to leak Watch Dogs: Legion patch data carried on compromised PS4 kill switches. Egregor lamented that the ubiquitous PS4 kill switch grant hackers access to residents of UK and Europe who purchase EA's popular game, before delay of Kuznets end device, caused by a threat issued to Sony. Samples provided by Egregor, however, failed to install again due to hacking detected by forensic tools.

It is yet to be confirmed that hackers have obtained the compromised kill switches and released the available patch data prematurely. As Core Media leak discussed above, brief v1.7.1 patch, was released by Egregor video game on 2nd October 2015 in the game, but most likely due to tactical alerts of the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by its core, the associated leaks appear unlikely to cause real threat to game mechanics since the minor v1.7 patch was released after the intruded Sony hacking group was effectively shutdown by Sony. µ

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