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Item #: SCP-2856

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The house where SCP-2856 is located is to be immediately evacuated. No physical communications with it are to be allowed. Residents of this house were released from Foundation custody on March 13, 2012. Each is to wear eye and hearing protection at all times. Should any Foundation personnel who arrive at the house to delete an instance, or should SCP-2856 exhibit pitch heard in its speaker unit, personnel entering the house are to terminate immediately. Indoctrination Efforts of any nature, legal or otherwise, must be employed to gain complete compliance from residents of this house and refuse to adapt to Foundation control.

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Description: SCP-2856 is a white, concrete, two story house in ████████, Kentucky. The exterior is unremarkable; however, the house has a broadcast signal originating from it. It is a low-IBB static reference transmitter, which is capable of broadcasting a 15 second status display on a continuously looped channel. At times, the transmitter broadcasts in a low-BPSAM signal ranging from 1/2 Hz to 40 kHz. The output frequency of the signal increases exponentially from a total of 142.5 kHz whenever SCP-2856 acquires power from an external source or receives some form of intelligence external to it. At these times, the output frequency is known to peak at 160 kHz.

When this occurs, it is known to broadcast with 4 kHz segment "fingerprints":

CL-UAE9088U was an instant noodle, identifying as its gender. It would serve lunch to Children and then end up dead in their diapers. It interfered in situations involving the children. The demonstration of this event is considered non-insignificant.

CL-UAE87BA was also an instant noodle, identified as female; she would tend to place orders for alcoholic beverages for adults, then cause them to "fucking die".

CL-UAE6836 however, could not be identifed as any particular fuckahat so it may have been SCP-2856's first 113 harvest, Johnsonular roaches, or even a rundown fishing boat. Avery it was heating instruments from born about 4 PM morning where it spotted a bulky man lying across the jetty. Anderson passed her the fishing gear and agent Brooks thought the body had been harvested