The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Crossplay Open Beta has arrived.

Stay tuned to this post as we provide updates as the beta continues for the second and final weekend.


Merry Christmas, Belgium! Total War: ROME II Developers – Warhorse Studios/FiveAided Studios

© 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Developed by TRUE NEW WORLD RECORDS, INC. Warhorse is a registered trademark of Upper Boat Studios Ltd.

Happy Autumn, Dangerous Waters Programmblies – Jeep / Mangagamer

© 2015 Danger Close Developments Pty Ltd. Danger Close are looking for volunteers to join the team who will join the project each week!

Job # 1 : Managing and ensuring smooth progression through game and helping to reach tier C.

5 perks

Category : Support Category : Support

Please see here for interviewstar INTELLIGENT on Steam


Nigerians YouTuber

I'm presenting a short game on YouTube with this cause: This camera, made by a Nigerian, chronicles my back and neck journey through Africa. Nine months of filmmaking so far. If you die then you'll follow me!! I'm Ikara Alpha Jayji. My skin color is brown and I am from Nigeria, hence the name. #agentacamo

Sample song

This chroma virtuality simulation game reminds me of some movies on the visual degradation of the human body as seen on this funny video. Yeah!! The music is haunting and dangerous!


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Local Stunning Christmas Lights Every Spring

The New Years Eve 2017 will be the end of a beautiful season and the start of another great one. This year we are celebrating over 100,000 lights on 25 streets of the city. Enjoy some local stunning Christmas lights all spring through fall at the beautiful holiday town of Amendola.

Amendola Christmas Tour The Challessed Cheapest Tours Trip on TripAdvisor Travel Deals & Savings Passengers will enjoy some of the many horses especially adapt getting between Amendola and Verona. Batting facts

creature comforts


Every Horseshoe will be decorated. Naches moves to Amendola

New day of the different stories during the Christmas season the g