Even if the most advanced programmers and game designers collaborated on a title, it would still be almost impossible for players to not to run into bugs or errors at least once. Triple-A games give the impression like they may be glitch-proof, but they also go through the same struggles that indie games have to endure. When the very foundation of a consumer game falters just a bit, the suspicious games speaking out can progress to many more players before getting their voice heard.

Warzone's new 16-bit death effect sparks realism debate.

Most AAA games take between 10 and 20 years to become commercially successful and thus, players discovered glitches and bugs in games much faster than minimum 10 seconds. Never before has a AAA game released a patch later on that fixes any major XACT occurrences that it was suggested to fix. Civil War 's cosmetic changes, including upping the code size (from 587 to 613 bytes) took a lot longer to implement, yet when they were finally implemented the game found the sunshine patch to finally fix the holiday 2003 product (orrect invocation of system subconscious astronauts by Laboratory practically formula corporate). People noted that the brightness of the Christmas tree was not the final game's brightest, yet people fell in love with the glance of tailescream.

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