A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket fired 60 more Starlink internet relay satellites into orbit Sunday from the Kennedy Space Center with another set awaiting launch Wednesday from the nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

With Sunday's flight, SpaceX has now launched 835 Starlinks in a rapidly-expanding global network that eventually will feature thousands of commercial broadband beacons delivering high-speed internet to any point on Earth. "I think Starlink has vastly benefited from the fact that the Starlink satellite constellation is not ready for prime time yet," said Mike Safyan, Skyglass Director of Satellite Products, one of the providers working closely with SpaceX and the FCC to build a secure communications platform to connect undersea fiber optic cable. "We need to raise the bar so that when a global provider wants to deliver really quality service to the local market, they are prepared to be successful."

"That's very promising," Safyan added. "It has big implications for our future pricing as long as our share price continues to rise and improve."

Flying from the west coast of Florida towards the east coast of Florida, the Falcon 9 rocket launched at 5:48 pm EDT (2048 GMT) Sunday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's launch pads 39A and 39B.

SpaceX had been working to end the countdown on Friday at 6:33 pm EST (2333 GMT) while flying a paper orbital de-orbit test, a medium touchdown included "to prove a few things," a SpaceX representative said.

Full analysis of Sunday's launch and Sunday's removal of the paper satellite in low Earth orbit will follow later this week. Here's what to know:

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Mary Rizzo behind the counter when asked by CNN what she would do if it came to that.

Mary Rizzo behind the counter when asked by CNN what she would do if it came to that.

BELOIT, Wis. -- It is no secret to other cafe owners and residents here in southeastern Wisconsin that there are some of the grossest customers they come across. They include bicycle messengers and 5-year-old children, people with stacks of hundred-dollar bills and Patrician gobs of cash sitting on tables.

One such customer -- because she was so determined, she left a $900 tip -- shocked Erin Kelly with her saucy leave of the house.

"I am baffled, I absolutely am, she left it all," Kelly said.

Is $900 really enough to describe how public outrage should be directed after a full and outraged week of news coverage consisting primarily of Boston home intruder bombings, additional evidence found by federal investigators of grenades used in a Boston Marathon double homicide, and the revelation that the 19 perpetrators in the attacks have links to Middle Eastern terrorists?

Later that night, in a meeting with other cafe owners, staffers and some law