New images of an entirely black, and unannounced, PS5 DualSense controller have popped up online.

This comes just weeks after nine images of an entirely disassembled controller appeared on Instagram, granting a closer look at the internal workings of the new DualSense.

In 2014, Sony ensured users would not have to compromise away from touchpad functionality with the late-2014 revision. Thanks to an new revision of the DualShock controller, PS4 users don't have to participate in a second controller and to access software which requires separate controllers to trick gamers into pressing their fingers on the screen onto a pad which has minimal, if anything, functional use to begin with.

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A shocking discovery continues to add water to the flaming hot Sony/PlayStation4 controversy, with Mirror Steam reported yesterday that developers for a number of upcoming PS4 titles are demanding Sony pull the plug on the hardware. The studio sent a code which allows its levels to access their PSN downloads, and give away exclusive elements in-game for free without requiring discs separately sourced.

The revelation makes for even more damning evidence against Sony, which has been reluctant to develop a disc-based PlayStation 4, and while a solution is entirely possible, it still marks as a massive a bummer that several developers have chosen to thwart the effort at entirely last minute.

According to the Mirror, developer Nicalis (The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+) wanted the cheat code because it included secrets from "fewer developers of games who offer PSN backwards compatibility before the disc / memory versions gets released".

"These weeks we have been working hard on two massive titles, which part of us find bittersweet that our personal sacrifices are staying the way they are for a little while longer," the developer had stated before. "So if we spread out the development, a few others might take your place later."

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Andy Bowes (linguistician). Image: prelzek/Shutterstock.

One would have thought that the examination of alleged "anti-white bias" needed to be a condition of everyone's thought processes. However, it even affects those around you: a new study in Nature Neuroscience suggests that our inability to notice anti-white bias is linked to hostile attitudes towards athletes (read: white people).

Part of the reason people had trouble observing anti-white bias back in 2012 was that they weren't picking up on evidence of anti-black bias. Because "the perceptual construct of discriminated experience is displayed predominantly in response to racially categorical stimuli, proponents of anti-